Lectures and Workshops


Simple Delight



Length: Full-Day (5 to 6-hour) Workshop
Skill Level: Intermediate

This pattern, which is presented in Angela's book Needleturn Appliqué The basics and beyond, requires the use of more advanced appliqué techniques providing the beginning student who is ready for an intermediate level challenge an opportunity to enhance their quilting skills. To complete this design Angela will demonstrate inside and outside curves, points, stems, and reverse appliqué.





Book Price: $27.95
(Full-size Print Included)



Folk Art Floral


Length: Two-Day (10 to 12-hour) Workshop
Skill Level: Intermediate

This appliqué workshop begins with the demonstration of several needleturn appliqué techniques. Your appliqué skills will be reinforced through your stitching of nine simple floral appliqué blocks, which can be completed using traditional or contemporary fabrics.




Pattern Price: $25.00
(Full-size Print Included)