Lectures and Workshops


Four Square Hearts


Length: Half-Day (3-hour) Workshop
Skill Level: Beginner

This appliqué workshop focuses on the very basic techniques of the needleturn appliqué stitch. This class is very thorough, beginning with the presentation of Angela’s preferred appliqué tools and techniques and ending with the hands-on application of the appliqué stitch. Upon completing this class you will have all the information you need to complete your appliqué quilt project and be well on your way to mastering the needleturn stitch.




Pattern Price: $3.50
(Full-size Print Included)



Budding Paisley

Length: Full-Day (5 to 6-hour) Workshop
Skill Level: Intermediate


This wallhanging sized paisley pattern opens the door to a wonderful range of fabric and color opportunities. The application of beginning needleturn appliqué techniques will be the primary focus of the class while providing the student an intermediate challenge with the opportunity to advance their quilting skills. To complete this design Angela will demonstrate several needleturn appliqué techniques including inside and outside curves, points, stems and reverse applique. The workshop will include a brief discussion on color as well as advice on fabric selection. This pattern is an original design by Angela Lawrence.




Pattern Price: $10.00
(Full-size Print Included)